Elim Pedi Aftercare

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There are the Aftercare instructions for the best results after your treatment!

Following this aftercare is paramount, to achieving and maintaining the best results after your treatment.


The first 24 hours:

💖 Reduce exposure to heat; i.e. sunbeds and saunas.

💖 Avoid immersing your feet into water; i.e. swimming and long soaks in the bath.

💖 Avoid going for a run.

Caring for your feet until your next treatment:

💖 We advise to keep using cream on your feet following your treatment. We retail Elim products such as the Foot Protector and Intense Night Repair Cream.

As discussed in your consultation, if you have extremely dry skin and calluses, you may need more than one session of this treatment to work at your skin and make them totally smooth. We can plan a few sessions of this treatment to transform your feet!

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