Spray Tan Aftercare

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There are the Aftercare instructions for the best results after your treatment!


💖 After your tan, you should wear loose-fitting clothing so your tan doesn’t rub off or look uneven.

💖 To help your tan develop, you’ll want to avoid all moisture for at least 4-5 hours after you get a spray tan. This includes showering, workouts, sauna, steam room, liquid products etc.

💖 We recommend showering no sooner than 4 hours after your spray tan, but no longer than 24 hours after (8 hours is optimal). When you do shower, be gentle. Avoid any exfoliants and just use the palm of your hand to gently rinse off the surface bronzer. Avoid harsh scrubbing, hot water, drying soaps, and other chemicals. Pat yourself dry instead of rubbing.

💖 After your shower, moisturise with an oil-free moisturiser. Hydrated skin maintains a tan longer than dry, thirsty skin.  

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