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DreamGlow Body Shimmer

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Introducing your new best friend for a shimmering, sparkling, DREAMY BODY GLOW ☁️✨⚡️

Available in 3 different shades to suit every skin tone. 
Create instant sun kissed skin with this easy sponge applicator. 

Introducing our Dream Glow Body Shimmer Powder: the ultimate sparkle enhancer for your every look! Infused with enchanting glitter particles, this high-quality highlighter powder creates a dreamy shimmer that transforms your skin into a luminous canvas. With a velvety-smooth texture, it glides seamlessly, illuminating your body with a dazzling, radiant finish. Versatile and buildable, it allows for a subtle daytime glow or a bold, glamorous sparkle for evening affairs. Accentuate your collarbones, shoulders, or legs - this shimmer powder can be applied all over the body to enhance your natural beauty! 

Net 9g